A more detailed description of what our program offers

At the Blackstone Academy of driving, we pride ourselves on our new age innovative approach. We teach young adults how to navigate themselves on the road and enlighten our students with a unique blend of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and positive reinforcement to boost their confidence and enhance their ability of becoming a diligent and safer driver.

Benefits of kinesthetic learning

- Increased information retention.

Movement and physical interaction helps retain information easier. Kinesthetic learners instantly see the evidence of what they are learning and apply their new driving techniques.

- Improved muscle memory

Kinesthetic learning often involves repetition of tasks, which builds muscle memory and further boosts retention.

- More engaged participation

Movement increased energy, which can help students stay focused during kinesthetic training. Students engage more when they are reinforced with experimentation and application. All while improving analytical skills through trial and error.

Benefits of visual learning

- Helps store information longer.

Images are the simplest and most effective way to make sure the information we implement gets stored as long term memory. Short term memory processes words and can only retain a small amount of information. Whereas, images are directly processed by our long term memory, where they get indelibly etched.

- Making communication quicker and more simple.

Information listed in the bullets is no doubt more simple to process. But that same information in the form of an image or a video is processed quickly and efficiently. Of all information transmitted to the brain, 90% is visual, as opposed to text , visuals are 60,000 x's faster. 40% of nerve fibers are linked to the retina and our brain can see images that last for only 13 milliseconds. Hence e-learning programs which incorporate suitable visuals, gain a higher preference over the text- only ones

-Aids better comprehension.

Visuals helps students grasp concepts easily by stimulating and affecting their cognitive capabilities. Visual language is also known to have the potential to stretch human bandwidth. Which compromises absorbing , comprehending, and analyzing new information.

Benefits of our auditory style of learning

-Our Auditory style tends to reinforce subject matter through different sounds.

Listening to our lectures then reading written notes allows them to use their voice to reinforce new concepts and ideas. Asking them to repeat back new concepts, asking questions and letting them answer among each other helps imprint new information. By invoking group discussions so the auditory and verbal processors can properly be taken in and understand the information they are being presented with.

- Positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement can improve a students performance. Pupils can tolerate much more stress in the classroom and the road to be able to perform for longer periods of time if they are guided by positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement builds confidence and helps students have a more pleasurable experience while avoiding negative side effects associated with punishment or negative reinforcement, such as frustration, anger, anxiety, and depression.

Exclusively at Blackstone's academy of driving

*A visit from Washington state troopers to talk about the dangers of distracted driving, procedures of getting pulled over, what to do and what not to do when being stopped by the authorities, implied consent, and sobriety field test.

*A visit to our local Fire department to review the negative effects of driving under the influence, and life saving techniques in case of an accident.

*Self defense – one hour

Improving your street awareness. Self defense classes will help you be more aware of your surroundings. You're never planning to be attacked. Learning basic self defense will help you be more prepared in these types of situations. You may be in shock for a second, but you will have the necessary reactions to protect yourself.

*Changing a flat tire

Learning how to change a flat tire on your own can save you some time and money, and is always a good skill to have in emergency situations.

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