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The Instructor

The instructor of Blackstone's Academy of Driving, Andrew Blackstone, has been teaching driver's education for many years now and is one of the most top rated driving instructors on Google. Call, text, or email to make an appointment today.

Driver ED

Driver's Education

We have a classroom to accommodate up to 14 students per class.

DOL approved testing center for knowledge and drive exams

We donate $50 back to the school club of your choice for every full teen driver's education course purchased.

At the Blackstone Academy of driving, we pride ourselves on our new age innovative approach. We teach young adults how to navigate themselves on the road and enlighten our students with a unique blend of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and positive reinforcement to boost their confidence and enhance their ability of becoming a diligent and safer driver.

Read a more detailed description of what we offer in class in our "About our program" selection from the drop down menu.

Driver ED

Our Mission

The Blackstone Academy's 21st century education brings a mix of promising new challenges and tools.

Our Driver Education offers a flexible program, innovative techniques and fresh methodologies. But at the center of our mission, lies our commitment to provide an attractive, respectful and rewarding learning environment.

This unique approach, together with our highest quality faculty, makes Driving Academy one of the best schools in Washington. Explore our attractive and diverse course program, and contact us to schedule a rewarding test class.

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